TOP 10 Bank Exam Preparation Apps 2024 | Best Apps for Bank Exam Preparation | App For Banking Preparation

Bank Exam Preparation Apps:- Are you searching for Bank Exam Preparation Apps? If yes, then you are at the right location. This post will tell you the 10 Best Apps for Bank Exam Preparation. If you are also interested in knowing What are the best apps for banking exams? Then read this post till the end. Banking is regarded as one of the most prominent professions in India, both for young graduates and seasoned experts. It’s no secret that banks provide attractive pay packages, job security, and other benefits to their workers.

The need for banking professionals in the financial sector has increased dramatically in recent years and is expected to grow more in the future years. The rivalry among banking hopefuls is fierce, becoming more difficult daily. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Banking Preparation Apps for SBI, IBPS, RBI, and other private sector bank examinations to address this serious issue.

TOP 10+ Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps 2024 | Best Apps for Bank Exam Preparation | App For Banking Preparation

10 Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps

You may quickly begin your preparation for Bank examinations with the correct ideas and methods by using the Free app for bank exam preparation available on the market. You may access courses, both paid and free, using these applications. Furthermore, these Bank Exam Preparation Apps give you hints and tactics for passing a banking test. If you’re wondering how to prepare for bank examinations, here’s a list of the best bank exam preparation apps to help you ace your chosen test:

#1. Testbook: Exam Preparation App

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Testbook: Exam Preparation App is one of the Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps, with over 10 million lakh students trusting it. Their staff has educated over 1 lakh students via courses and exams based on the most recent exam patterns and the difficulty level of the real exam. This Bank Exam Preparation Software has shown to be effective in offering tailored analysis for every student to discover their strengths and weaknesses and grasp the areas that need hard effort to enhance their ranking and scores. Testbook, one of the most popular bank exam preparation applications, believes in creating a community for learning and training its candidates for real-life circumstances.

App NameTestbook: Exam Preparation App
App Reviews647K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size54 MB
Total Download10M+

#2. Pocket Logical Reasoning App

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Pocket Aptitude, sometimes known as PA, is another excellent Free Bank Exam Preparation App for banking test preparation. And, as the name suggests, Pocket Aptitude will provide you with access to commonly requested aptitude tests and logical thinking problems, which are among the questions that throw many job seekers off while taking such examinations. So, if you’re having trouble passing banking examinations, especially those including aptitude tests, word problems, and other similar questions, download the Pocket Aptitude app immediately.

App NamePocket Logical Reasoning App
App Reviews629
App Rating4.3/5
App Size67MB
Total Download50K+

#3. Gradeup: Exam Preparation: Live Classes

Gradeup: Exam Preparation: Live Classes is one of those free Bank Exam Preparation Apps that help with banking exams and exams like NEET, JEE, CTET, GATE, UPSC, NET, and so on. Gradeup attempts to give advice based on the most recent examination pattern, with extensive answers and analysis, with their daily amount of bilingual notes and quizzes. This Banking Exam Preparation App also offers online live sessions, free mock examinations, GK updates, and current events to assist students to test their knowledge and polish their abilities regularly.

App NameGradeup: Exam Preparation: Live Classes
App Reviews801K
App Rating4.1/5
App Size43MB
Total Download10M+

#4. IBPS Bank Exam Preparation

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If you have never taken the IBPS test but want to do so soon, you must study as if your life depended on it. IBPS tests are designed to select qualified applicants for public sector banks. And since so many people want to work for the government, examinations like these are very competitive. Of course, the public sector provides job stability, so everyone wants to work there. However, the IBPS Bank Exam Preparation app might assist you in preparing for IBPS examinations. With the challenge option, you may get a new set of questions every day, allowing you to improve your practice and be completely prepared for the test.

App NameIBPS Bank Exam Preparation
App Reviews268
App Rating3.9/5
App Size9 MB
Total Download50K+

#5. Adda247 : Govt Job Prep & more

Adda247 : Govt Job Prep & more App Is a free government, exam preparation software assists with SSC, railway recruiting, teaching, defense employment, and Bank, PO, and clerk tests. You may receive a daily dose of GK updates, e-Books, and video courses from over 4,000 books that have created over 50,000 hours of recorded material in the five parts of this app. There are also free solved papers, 20,000+ practice questions, notes, and interactive quizzes to help you build your abilities and enhance your test performance. This Best App for Bank Exam Preparation provides a forum for students to develop crash course strategies and test preparation advice.

App NameAdda247 : Govt Job Prep & more
App Reviews576K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size576K
Total Download10M+

#6. Banking Awareness Quiz

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When studying for bank examinations, you will always want access to the finest resources as soon as possible. The Banking Awareness app is one of the Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps that will provide you with access to extensive study resources to help you improve your knowledge and prepare for the awareness portion of the IBPS and SBI PO bank exams. You will get access to approximately 3500 questions, all of which are connected to banking knowledge. In addition, the software includes an e-book that you can use to learn more about banking awareness and prepare for any extremely difficult banking test.

App NameBanking Awareness Quiz
App Reviews1.06K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size9 MB
Total Download50K+

#7. Pocket Aptitude

Can you ace that difficult exam or placement test this year? If so, begin by doing the right thing. If you are serious about working in the banking industry, you must prepare thoroughly. Choose Pocket Aptitude App which is one of the top Bank Exam Preparation Apps for Android and iOS, depending on your device. Pocket Logical Reasoning, on the other hand, is an excellent app. It includes over 1800 commonly asked questions to help you prepare to ace your assignment the first time. Each question is further broken into many subjects, including number series, linear arrangement, circular arrangement, coding, and decoding.

App NamePocket Aptitude
App Reviews53.2K
App Rating4.345
App Size43MB
Total Download500K+

#8. IBPS Rural Bank Exam Prep

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Another difficult test that aspiring bankers face is the RRB (Regional Rural Banking) exam. However, as the phrase says, “Practice makes perfect.” As a result, if you practice various questions in each area, you will pass your banking test. That is what distinguishes the IBPS Rural Bank Exam Prep app. It not only gives you access to questions that you may practice regularly, but it also gives you access to thorough study material. In this instance, you will know the correct answer regardless of how the examiners twist the questions. So, if you want to improve your knowledge rather than merely answer questions, the RRB Bank Exam app is a good alternative. 

App NameIBPS Rural Bank Exam Prep
App Reviews237
App Rating4.3/5
App Size16 MB
Total Download10K+


PREP GURU: EXAM PREPARATION’23 claims that good preparation may minimize anxiety and improve concentration while taking an exam. When you are overcome by dread, it might impair your performance in an exam. That is why programs like Prep Guru are useful. This Best App for Bank Exam Preparation allows you to study for over 500 different competitive tests properly. The software also employs machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) via data analytics on online exam questions.

App Reviews5.53K
App Rating4.2/5
App Size10 MB
Total Download100K+

#10. Bank PO & Clerk Exam Preparati

image 237

The banking industry is highly diversified and offers many job prospects. Furthermore, entrance to any of the banking business sectors is quite competitive. PO and clerk roles are also very competitive, owing to the vast number of persons interested in working in the banking industry. On the other hand, the Bank PO & Clerk Exam Preparation app is one of the Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps that may kick you at high speed. You will get access to the resources you need to prepare for SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, and other banking chances. The app is also free and has many features, such as test dates, exam notifications, etc.

App NameBank PO & Clerk Exam Preparati
App Reviews28
App Rating3.8/5
App Size43MB
Total Download10K+

FAQs About Bank Exam Preparation Apps

Which is the best bank exam preparation app?

Gradeup: Exam Preparation: Live Classes app is one of the Bank Exam Preparation Apps that help you in banking exams and exams like NEET, JEE, CTET, GATE, UPSC, NET, and many more.

How to crack the bank exam fast?

You can use the Gradeup: Exam Preparation: Live Classes app, which helps you crack the bank exam quickly. This app is free to use.

Final Thoughts – Bank Exam Preparation Apps

We have compiled the top 10 Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps for Android and iOS to make it easy to select a good banking preparation app and save time. So look through the list and choose one. You may also tell us about any similar applications you’ve used and how they helped you. If you liked this post, please share it on social media.

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