20+ Best Earning App For Students 2024 | Types Of Earning App For Students | Online Earning Apps for Students Without Investment

Best Earning App For Students:- Are you a student looking to supplement your income in your spare time? You’re in luck because today we’ll delve into the world of the Best Earning App For Students. In this digital age, students have numerous opportunities to earn money using only their smartphones or laptops.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable earning app can be difficult, but we’ve covered you. We scoured the market for the most effective and popular earning apps designed specifically for students. These apps provide flexible work schedules, low time commitments, and a wide range of tasks that match your skills and interests.

Whether you’re an expert at taking surveys, a gifted writer, a skilled graphic designer, or enjoy trying out new apps and games, there’s an earning app for you. With the right app, you can turn your spare time into a productive and profitable opportunity. So, let’s get started and find the best earning apps to help you earn while you learn!

2024 Best Earning App For Students REAL Money | Types Of Earning App For Students | Online Earning Apps for Students Without Investment

Types Of Earning App For Students

Numerous earning apps are available for students, each catering to a different set of skills and interests. Here are some examples of popular earning apps for students to consider:

Survey Apps: These apps offer paid surveys on a variety of topics. Students can voice their opinions and be compensated with cash, gift cards, or other incentives.

Microtask Apps: These apps provide small, quick tasks that can be completed quickly. Data entry, image tagging, content moderation, and transcription are all possible tasks.

Platforms for Freelancing: These apps connect students with clients seeking specific services such as writing, graphic design, web development, or social media management. Students can demonstrate their abilities while also earning money by completing projects.

Cashback Apps: These apps provide cashback or rewards for shopping online or at specific partner stores. Students can receive a percentage of their purchases back in cash or gift cards.

Tutoring Apps: Tutoring apps provide opportunities for students with subject expertise to teach and mentor others online. Students who provide one-on-one or group tutoring sessions can earn money.

App Testing Apps: These apps pay students to test and provide feedback on new mobile applications. Students can test out exciting apps before they are released to the general public while also earning money.

How To Earn Money Online for Students With Earning App?

Earning money online through earning apps can be an excellent way for students to supplement their income. Here are some starting points:

Find a reputable earning app by researching: Look for well-established apps with a good track record and positive reviews. Check that the app is reputable and has a clear payment system.

Create an account and a profile: Download the earning app from the app store and sign up with your email or social media accounts. Fill out your profile, including your skills, interests, and payment preferences.

Explore available tasks or opportunities: Browse the app’s available tasks or opportunities once registered. Surveys, microtasks, freelance projects, tutoring gigs, and other earning options may be available depending on the app type.

Choose tasks that match your skills and interests: Choose tasks that match your skills and interests. This not only makes the process more enjoyable, but it also increases your chances of success and earning more money.

Complete tasks diligently and efficiently: When working on tasks, put forth your best effort and finish them within the time frame specified. Maintain professionalism and attention to detail to improve your app reputation.

Cash out your earnings: Once you’ve accumulated enough money in your app account, look into the payment options offered by the app. Some apps allow you to make direct bank transfers, PayPal transfers, or purchase gift cards. When you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, choose your preferred method and request a payout.

Continue to learn and improve: As you gain experience, continue learning and improving your skills to increase your earning potential. Investigate other opportunities within the app or consider expanding your skill set to gain access to higher-paying tasks.

20 Best Earning App For Students

Balancing a part-time job with education can be risky because it can jeopardise your grades. This is especially important for international students, who should spend extra time exploring online opportunities and engaging in small-scale economic activities to improve their academic performance. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Earning Apps For Students in 2024 while studying.

These money-making apps for students allow you to earn money and get vouchers while sitting in class or relaxing in your dormitory. Using these apps, you can effectively manage your financial situation while maintaining your educational commitments. They offer students a convenient way to earn extra money and rewards, allowing them to strike a healthy balance between work and study.

#1. Meesho: Online Shopping App

image 40

Meesho is an online reselling platform that provides students with an excellent opportunity to earn money without investing. Students can generate small profits by dealing with fashion products by joining Meesho’s reseller program.

Simply share product links and images on social and networking channels to profit from each sale. Meesho offers commission-based earnings of up to 25% depending on the products. Options for Withdrawal are Paytm, Indian digital wallets, and bank accounts are all supported.

App NameMeesho: Online Shopping App
App Reviews3.41M
App Rating4.1/5
App Size14 MB
Total Download100M+

#2. EarnKaro – Affiliate Marketing

image 41

EarnKaro is the Best Earning App For Students that offers an effortless way to earn money online through affiliate marketing. Students can participate in this without any investment, making it a convenient part-time option that can be done from anywhere, be it home, office, or any workplace.

By joining EarnKaro for free, users can explore and promote products from renowned brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Adidas, and more. The process is simple: share affiliate links with friends, family, or on social media, and earn commissions on successful product purchases made through those links.

App NameEarnKaro – Affiliate Marketing
App Reviews16.6K
App Rating3.7/5
App Size36 MB
Total Download1M+

#3. Google Opinion Rewards

image 42

Google Opinion Rewards is an exceptional initiative from Google that places value on your opinion. By participating in short surveys, you contribute to Google’s efforts to enhance its services and products. For each completed survey, this app rewards you with PayPal or Google Play credits.

Whenever a survey becomes available, you will receive a notification, allowing you to conveniently allocate some of your free time to complete these engaging surveys. By doing so, you can effectively utilize your spare time while earning money through this interesting opportunity. Withdrawal methods include wire transfer and PayPal (for residents of the United States).

App NameGoogle Opinion Rewards
App Reviews3.2M
App Rating4.6/5
App Size12 MB
Total Download50M+

#4. Roz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash

image 43

Roz Dhan is an interesting and Best Earning App For Students that allows you to make money simply by being active on the app, meaning it already pays for nearly anything you do daily.

The app rewards you for solving puzzles, visiting websites, playing games, and reading the news. The money generated is available for withdrawal in two days. When you sign up for the first time, you will receive a Rs.50 welcome incentive.

App NameRoz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash
App Reviews283K
App Rating3.8/5
App Size25 MB
Total Download10M+

#5. Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account

image 44

Upstox is an Indian online investment app that is one of the Best Earning App For Students. Indian students can earn Rs 400 for each successful referral through Upstox. Users can use this app to invest in stocks, shares, ETFs, and IPOs.

It is a portfolio management app that recognizes and rewards students and referees. Withdrawal Methods: Direct bank payment, Indian wallet, and UPI are all supported.

App NameUpstox- Stocks & Demat Account
App Reviews211K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size54 MB
Total Download10M+

#6. Taskbucks – Earn Rewards

image 45

Taskbucks is the Best Earning App For Students that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. You earn coins by taking quizzes and playing games, which you can exchange for cash.

Aside from that, you get compensated for doing activities and entering contests in which you can win free recharge. Taskbucks, like any other earning app, features a referral program that rewards you for introducing the app to friends. You can withdraw your earning via PayTM.

App NameTaskbucks – Earn Rewards
App Reviews998K
App Rating4.0/5
App Size30 MB
Total Download10M+

#7. Toluna Influencers

image 46

Toluna is another ground-breaking money-making app for students. It compensates users for sharing their ideas and opinions. Toluna, as a thought-sharing app, allows you to take surveys and earn points. It also provides various online services, such as shopping, movies, travel surveys, and reviews.

Students can unlock opportunities to make money online by investing some extra time. Options for Withdrawal are depending on the country, PayPal, digital wallets, and wire transfers are supported.

App NameToluna Influencers
App Reviews122K
App Rating4.4/5
App Size33 MB
Total Download5M+

#8. The Panel Station-Get Paid!

image 47

Panel Station is a survey site that has remained consistent for a long time. The surveys here are sponsored by large corporations, the government, and the community, so you won’t be charged.

These panels provide valuable feedback to brands on their products, allowing them to focus on improving them. You are notified by email when new surveys are launched, and the survey duration ranges from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

App NameThe Panel Station-Get Paid!
App Reviews35.2K
App Rating4.0/5
App Size13 MB
Total Download1M+

#9. Freecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes

image 48

The Free Cash is also the Best Earning App For Students which offers a way to earn money online without making any investments. Users can earn money by completing various tasks. Thanks to its generous payouts and prompt transactions, users can earn significant money based on the tasks and time they invest. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and prominently displays appealing offers upon signup.

Examples of tasks include completing surveys, doing chores, and playing free online games. Withdrawal Methods are PayPal, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Doge, and gift cards such as Amazon, Google Play, and Netflix are all supported.

App NameFreecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes
App Reviews26.1K
App Rating4.7/5
App Size953 KB
Total Download1M+

#10. YouTube

image 49

Almost everyone watches videos on YouTube for enjoyment or to learn something new. There are numerous videos available in each niche, making it the most popular video platform in the world.

But did you know that YouTube can also be used to make money, with millions of producers already making large sums there? With over 10 billion downloads, YouTube is the Best Earning App For Students.

App NameYouTube
App Reviews150M
App Rating4.2/5
App Size80 MB
Total Download10B+

#11. ySense

image 50

For students looking for an easy way to make money online without investing, ySense Survey is worth a shot. This Best Earning App for Students In India allows users to earn money by completing surveys. Each survey offers valuable points and monetary rewards ranging from $0.01 to $5, making it simple for students to earn money by putting in the effort.

The app also includes an invite-and-earn program and an affiliate program that pays a 20% commission on every signup. Options for Withdrawal are PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and gift cards are all accepted.

App NameySense
App Reviews3.69K
App Rating2.9/5
App Size18 MB
Total Download1M+

#12. Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back

image 51

Ibotta is one of the best Money Earning Apps For Students on our list of money-earning apps for students. Here’s how it works: after you go shopping, upload a photo of your receipt to the app, and it will find rebates for you.

There is a minimum cash-out threshold of $20, and once you reach this amount, you can request a payout. While you may already be familiar with money-saving techniques for grocery shopping on a budget, Ibotta provides an additional opportunity to earn some pocket money.

App NameIbotta: Save & Earn Cash Back
App Reviews645K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size105 MB
Total Download10M+

#13. Swagbucks: Surveys for Money

image 52

Swagbucks is a well-known and Best Earning App For Students with high payouts and a high level of trust. It is a dependable and high-paying money-earning app for students that requires no investment. Users can earn gift cards and cash by completing tasks and surveys like watching videos, browsing the web, playing online games, and shopping through affiliated links.

Swagbucks is an excellent way for students to supplement their income. Withdrawal Methods are Gift cards, wire transfers, and PayPal wallets are all accepted.

App NameSwagbucks: Surveys for Money
App Reviews124K
App Rating4.3/5
App Size140 MB
Total Download5M+

#14. Groww: Stocks & Mutual Fund

Groww is an investment and trading app that allows you to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, and IPOs. You can start investing in Groww with as little as Rs.100. Additionally, Groww offers a referral program where you can earn Rs.100 when someone joins through your invitation link.

It’s a simple and convenient way for students to earn money. Moreover, you can receive a 5% commission on the investment amount from your friends as a lifetime commission. You can add or withdraw money through UPI.

App NameGroww: Stocks & Mutual Fund
App Reviews929K
App Rating4.4/5
App Size62 MB
Total Download10M+

#15. Roamler – Earn money

image 54

Roamler is a well-known brand among the best money-making apps for students with no investment. It allows users to earn extra money by completing various unlimited tasks. With various tasks available, students can earn money from the comfort of their homes.

Roamler is well-known for its high payouts, which make it an appealing option for students looking to make money in their spare time. These apps provide exciting opportunities for students to earn money while effectively managing their studies.

App NameRoamler – Earn money
App Reviews10.9K
App Rating2.3/5
App Size22MB
Total Download500K+

#16. Dream11: Fantasy Cricket App

image 55

Dream11 is the Best Earning App For Students that covers a wide range of sports such as cricket, football, tennis, and many others. With some knowledge of games and players, you can use your skills and tactics to win real money. As you select players for your team and they perform well, you earn points.

The person with the highest number of points wins the grand prize. Playing fantasy games is generally legal, except in certain states such as Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim, where it is considered illegal.

App NameDream11: Fantasy Cricket App
App Reviews343K
App Rating4.2/5
App Size64 MB
Total Download50M+

#17. Canvera – View Photobook, Hire

image 56

Canvera is the Best Earning App For Students allowing students to earn money online by selling their photos. Users can earn money by uploading their best photos. It is an excellent money-making app for students who enjoy photography.

On this website, you can create a portfolio to generate leads, apply for assignments, and so on. The best part about Canvera is that it allows you to present your work to clients all over India. Students can also use Canvera to find photography jobs. Withdrawal methods include wire transfers, digital wallets, and UPI.

App NameCanvera – View Photobook, Hire
App Reviews4.84K
App Rating3.1/5
App Size9 MB
Total Download500K+

#18. MPL: Rummy & Fantasy Cricket

image 57

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is an eSports and mobile gaming platform that offers a wide range of games in various categories such as arcade, action, and strategy. You can compete with real players and earn money while enjoying these games.

The platform caters to different preferences, so if you’re not a fan of action games, you can still find puzzles or games from other categories to play. MPL features numerous contests and tournaments where you have the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money. Additionally, there’s a referral program through which you can earn more. It is the Best App To Earn Money In India where you can withdraw your earning via PayTM.

App NameMPL: Rummy & Fantasy Cricket
App Reviews77.3K
App Rating4.1/5
App Size160 MB
Total Download1M+

#19. Notesgen – Global Community fo

image 58

Notesgen is one of the Best Money Earning Apps for Students In 2024. If you have the habit of taking notes during lectures, this platform will pay you for those notes. Simply share or upload your comprehensive notes on a specific topic that many other Notesgen users are studying.

If other users find your handwritten notes useful, they can download them from the app. There are no restrictions on the topics, so you can upload any type of notes, including study materials for competitive exams, which are in demand among users. Your earnings depend on the number of downloads your notes receive.

App NameNotesgen – Global Community fo
App Reviews2.42K
App Rating2.2/5
App Size42 MB
Total Download500K+

#20. Job Spotter

Job Spotter may have a slightly misleading name, as it doesn’t directly help students find jobs. Instead, it’s an app that pays you to assist the parent company, Indeed.com, in identifying job openings in your local area. All you need to do is take pictures of job advertisements you come across, whether in newspapers or local stores and upload them through the app.

Each submitted advertisement earns you points assigned by a computer algorithm, typically ranging from 5 to 150 points per submission. The algorithm evaluates the originality of the job ad to determine the points awarded. You’ll be surprised to discover how many job advertisements are circulating when you actively start looking for them.

App NameJob Spotter
App UpdatedMarch 6, 2015
App Rating3.8/5
App Size7.7MB
Total Download500+

FAQs About Best Earning App For Students

Which is the best app for students to earn money?

The best app for students to earn money may vary depending on individual preferences and skills. Still, popular options include Groww for investing and trading and MPL for eSports and mobile gaming.

How can I earn as a student?

As a student, you can earn money through various ways such as part-time jobs, freelancing, tutoring, participating in online surveys, utilizing earning apps or exploring affiliate marketing opportunities.

Can I earn money by studying?

While studying itself may not directly generate income, you can explore various opportunities like part-time jobs, freelance work, or online tutoring to earn money alongside your studies.

Best Earning App For Students 2024

Final Words – Best Earning App For Students

Discovering legitimate and top-notch Best Earning App For Students is a wise step towards meeting your financial needs during your student life. We hope that this article proves highly beneficial to you as a student. While these Best apps for earning money while in college or school may not promise massive monthly earnings, they can provide a means to fulfil your requirements. We will update this article periodically, so stay tuned for more valuable information.

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