TOP 10+ Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android (FREE) | Android GPS Tracking Apps | Free Android Tracking App With GPS

Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android:- Are you searching for the Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will inform you about the Top 10 Free GPS Tracking Apps for Android. If you are also interested in knowing about the Best Android GPS Tracking Apps to Track Android Devices, read this post until the end. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, many applications are tailored to enhance every facet of our lives, seamlessly simplifying various scenarios. Are you familiar with GPS tracking applications?

This remarkable discovery has proven to be a versatile platform, benefiting friends, families, educational institutions, and businesses. The unique capabilities of these Best GPS Tracker Apps For Android in 2023 empower you to pinpoint your friends’ locations for meetups and provide peace of mind to parents, keeping tabs on their children’s whereabouts during solo outings. Moreover, these apps facilitate their swift recovery if your valuable gadgets fall victim to theft. Advanced GPS tracker apps transcend mere tracking, offering an array of sophisticated functionalities. Here, we present a compilation of the 10 Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android available for Android and iOS platforms.

TOP 10+ Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android (FREE) | Android GPS Tracking Apps | Free Android Tracking App With GPS

10 Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Many providers claim to be able to track your phone; however, many simply scrape your phone’s data and sell it. We’ve confirmed each company on this list as a reliable supplier of the best GPS tracking apps for Android free, so browse our selection of GPS trackers below:

#1. Life360: Live Location Sharing

image 43

Life360 is a powerful and the Best GPS Tracking app for Android that can be used to keep track of your family members or employees. It allows you to stay connected to them no matter where they are, and its advanced features make it an excellent option for businesses that want to monitor the location of their employees who use company phones. The ability to create a private, invite-only Circle that allows you to stay connected to your family or team members.

Real-time location sharing allows you to see the location of your Circle Members on a private map, with location sharing giving family members a view of each other’s whereabouts. Intelligent notifications alert you when your family or team members come and go from their most frequented places. Life360 is a comprehensive and user-friendly GPS Tracker App that can help you keep track of your loved ones or employees from anywhere in the world.

App NameLife360: Live Location Sharing
App Reviews1.8M
App Rating4.6/5
App Size31 MB
Total Download100M+

#2. Google Maps

image 44

Ask an Android user for directions in an unfamiliar area, and they will probably use Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the best Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android that has established itself as a trusted name in the GPS tracker community for Android devices and offers top-notch tracking services.

Navigating using Google Maps is user-friendly, with a feature that lets you easily pinpoint your current location. Additionally, this GPS location tracking app provides offline maps for searching and navigating, making it a valuable tool in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

App NameGoogle Maps
App Reviews17.3M
App Rating4.0/5
App Size41 MB
Total Download10B+

#3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

image 45

In addition to its offline capabilities, Sygic is another Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android that offers a range of useful features. It offers voice navigation, guiding you verbally on the next turns to take, and can help pronounce street names in areas where this may be a problem.

This Best GPS Location Tracker App provides alternative routes if you encounter a path with bad roads or need to take shortcuts. It also informs you of regular speed limits and provides safety warnings for sharp turns and railway crossings. Sygic is a reliable option for anyone seeking a GPS tracker that works offline and offers a range of useful features.

App NameSygic GPS Navigation & Maps
App Reviews1.86M
App Rating4.3/5
App Size94 MB
Total Download50M+

#4. Durcal – GPS tracker & locator

image 46

Durcal is also the top best GPS Tracking app for Android for parents or grandparents who want to keep their loved ones safe. The app features a panic/emergency button that can be pressed in an emergency, alerting the user and allowing them to track the phone’s status information.

This information includes the phone’s location, speed, and direction, making locating the person in need easy. Additionally, this location tracker app allows users to set up geofencing to alert them when the phone leaves a specified area. With Durcal, you can rest assured that your loved ones are always safe and can be easily located in an emergency.

App NameDurcal – GPS tracker & locator
App Reviews56.6K
App Rating3.8/5
App Size20 MB
Total Download5M+

#5. Hubstaff Time & Hours Tracker

image 47

Hubstaff is one of the Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android that is designed for remote teams and on-site workers. In addition to the standard employee monitoring features, it includes a GPS tracking module with a time clock. The Hubstaff location tracking app for Android can track the hours worked by your team members and see precisely where they were working, including when they arrived and left a job site.

The app also provides a detailed map view showing all your team members’ locations and routes. The geofencing feature of Hubstaff is handy for preventing buddy punching and ensuring that your team members accurately record their work hours. 

App NameHubstaff Time & Hours Tracker
App Reviews838
App Rating3.2/5
App Size29 MB
Total Download100K+

#6. Path Guide

image 48

Path Guide is a Best Tracking Apps for Android 2023 that helps you find your way back to your car if you’ve parked it in a distant location, such as a campsite. This Best Location Tracking App works by recording your walking path and allowing you to start recording when you leave your car and stop when you reach the entrance.

You can then reverse the path and use it to guide yourself back to your vehicle. Path Guide also allows you to share your paths with others, making it easy for them to locate you in large events such as amusement parks or festivals.

App NamePath Guide
App Reviews242
App Rating3.9/5
App Size67MB
Total Download50K+

#7. Find my kids: Location Tracker

image 49

Find my kids: Location Tracker app is an excellent solution for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children. Once you install this GPS Tracking App on your phone, you must install the app on your child’s phone to connect the two devices. With this connection, you can see your child’s location and access various features, including their phone’s battery percentage.

If your child is unresponsive, you can use the app to hear their surroundings and confirm their safety. This location tracker app offers both a free and paid version, with the free version providing access to your child’s location and the paid version offering additional advanced features. There is also a free trial available for the advanced version.

App NameFind my kids: Location Tracker
App Reviews1.16M
App Rating4.5/5
App Size60 MB
Total Download10M+

#8. GeoZilla – Find My Family

image 50

GeoZilla – Find My Family is also one of the Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android for tracking friends and family, as it is less taxing on your phone’s battery life thanks to its SLC (Significant Location Change) feature. This means the app will only start recording your location when you move a significant distance rather than constantly updating your site when you’re in the same place.

Other features of GeoZilla Family GPS Locator include real-time alerts when family members arrive at their destination, a map that displays the week’s worth of location history, and the ability to assign location-based tasks to family members via shared to-do lists. This android GPS location tracking app is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones and keep track of their whereabouts, all while saving battery life and avoiding unnecessary updates.

App NameGeoZilla – Find My Family
App Reviews417K
App Rating4.2/5
App Size27 MB
Total Download10M+

#9. Geo Tracker – GPS tracker

image 51

Geo Tracker is a Android GPS location tracking app suitable for people in the wilderness or any other environment. It provides accurate location tracking and displays additional data such as speed, altitude, vertical distance, and slope inclination.

The app saves all tracks in GPX and KML format, which can be imported into popular mapping apps like Google Earth and Ozi Explorer. Additionally, Geo Tracker supports Yandex Maps, which may be more suitable in certain countries. This GPS location tracker app also allows users to share their location with friends and family, ensuring they can easily find each other in case of emergencies.

App NameGeo Tracker – GPS tracker
App Reviews84.6K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size35 MB
Total Download5M+

#10. Time Tracking App TimeCamp

image 52

TimeCamp is an entirely free time tracking tool that is suitable for use by unlimited users. It has robust features that enable you to log time, manage attendance and leaves, and organize your workflow. One of the critical features of TimeCamp is its GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. This means that you can use the tool to monitor the location of your staff, whether you are tracking them solo or as part of a team.

With this Best GPS Tracking App, you can keep track of your mobile workforce via the desktop or mobile app on your Android phone. The geofencing feature allows you to set up virtual boundaries around job sites, ensuring that your staff is within the specified area when they are supposed to be working. TimeCamp’s GPS tracking feature can be handy for businesses with staff in the field, such as salespeople or delivery drivers. 

App NameTime Tracking App TimeCamp
App Reviews626
App Rating3.7/5
App Size32 MB
Total Download50K+

FAQs About Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

What are some of the best GPS tracking apps for Android?

Some of Android’s best GPS tracking apps include Glympse, Life360, and Family Locator.

How do I use GPS tracking apps to keep track of my kids’ location?

To use GPS tracking apps to keep track of your kids’ location, you can install the app on their phone and set up the necessary parental controls. Then, you can see their location on a map and receive alerts if they leave a designated safe zone or arrive at a specific destination.

Final Words – Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Most of these Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android are available for free. Hope you liked these 10 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps. If you have any Free Android GPS Location Tracking Apps queries, ask us in the comment area.

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