TOP 20 “Refer and Earn Apps” in India for 2023 | How To Earn Money With Refer And Earn Apps?

Refer and Earn Apps:- Earning additional cash with Refer And Earn Apps is an excellent idea. You may start earning money with these applications by recommending friends and relatives. Word-of-mouth advertising has shown to be very efficient in product promotion, motivating many firms to create referral programs to reach a larger client base. There are several outstanding referral and earning applications on the market, each with its style of rewarding recommendations and incentivizing users to suggest their products to others.

With more people using mobile phones and downloading applications, this gives a wonderful potential to make extra money. Experts estimate a 25% rise in worldwide mobile app downloads, resulting in greater income and the possibility of lucrative referral rewards. Rewards may include extra savings while utilizing the service or making purchases and monetary rewards inside the app. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 Best Refer And Earn Apps that don’t need KYC verification, allowing you to make money from the comfort of your own home.

TOP 20 Refer and Earn Apps in India for 2023 | How To Earn Money With Refer And Earn Apps?

What Is Refer And Earn Apps?

Refer And Earn Apps are mobile applications that reward users for successfully referring the app to friends or family members. These applications often include a referral program that rewards users with cash, gift cards, discounts, or other appealing incentives when new users download and use the app using their referral code.

When a user publishes their unique referral code or link with others, and someone downloads and registers for the app using that code, the user who referred them earns a reward. As users recommend more individuals to the program, their potential profits grow. Refer and earn applications have grown in popularity in recent years as a way for people to earn extra money or prizes without effort.

How To Earn Money With Refer And Earn Apps?

Making money with refer and earn applications is a simple procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Begin by finding reliable refer and earn applications with a proven track record of rewarding users. Look for favorable user reviews and ratings to guarantee you’re spending time in reputable applications.
  2. Create an account after downloading the app. When you register, you will often be given a unique referral code or link that you may share with others.
  3. Inform your friends, family, and acquaintances about the app and your referral code. To reach a larger audience, use numerous channels such as social media, messaging applications, or even in-person interactions.
  4. Highlight the app’s advantages and incentives, whether cash prizes, gift cards, discounts, or any other perks. Make it a point to emphasize why they should use your referral link to download and utilize the app.
  5. Motivate them to act by describing the easy actions they must take to download and sign up for the app using your referral code. If required, provide support and answer any issues they may have.
  6. Keep track of who has used your referral code and successfully enrolled for the app. Most refer and earn applications provide a dashboard or area where you can track your referrals and profits.
  7. You’ll start earning rewards after your referrals complete the app’s conditions (such as completing a particular number of activities or reaching a certain user level). The program will normally credit your account with points you can redeem for cash or other accessible alternatives.
  8. Continue advertising the app and getting additional referrals to enhance your profits. Investigate other channels, such as blogs, forums, or online communities, that may be interested in the app’s features.

20 Best Refer And Earn Apps

Here are some of the best refer and earn applications in India right now, each with a straightforward dashboard for tracking your transactions, referrals, and profits. After significant investigation, this list was meticulously vetted to ensure all the applications listed are completely authentic and secure. The following are the finest refer and earn applications in India:

#1. Google Pay: Secure UPI payment

image 1

Google Pay, previously known as Tez, is a mobile payments service by Google designed for users in India. It enables users to perform financial transactions through their mobile phones efficiently. Users can transfer money in multiple ways, making money transfers more streamlined than ever.

Google Pay offers users a scratch card for every transaction above Rs. 150, making it a popular choice. Users can use the scratch card to win rewards added to their bank accounts. Google Pay also has an excellent refer and earn program, although the referral commission amount may vary. Typically, the referral commission ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs. 180 per referral. Previously, they were offering Rs. 201 for each referral.

App NameGoogle Pay: Secure UPI payment
App Reviews9.47M
App Rating4.4/5
App Size55 MB
Total Download500M+

#2. Roz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash

image 2

RozDhan is one of the top Referral Apps Of 2023 that enables users to earn free Paytm money by playing games, viewing movies, reading articles, and introducing friends. They publish new and intriguing stuff daily, such as viral articles and videos.

Users earn 50 rupees for joining up and another 50 rupees for their first login when they have a minimum balance of 200 rupees. Users receive 12 rupees in their RozDhan account for each successful referral. Most importantly, you get paid every time your referral uses RozDhan to complete a transaction.

App NameRoz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash
App Reviews283K
App Rating3.8/5
App Size25 MB
Total Download10M+

#3. PhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge

image 3

PhonePe is one of the best Refer And Earn Apps that transfers money from your bank account to any other account within seconds. The app offers various payment options, including bank transfers, bill payments, in-app purchases, investments, gold purchases, and more.

As the second most used UPI app in India after Google Pay, PhonePe rewards you with Rs. 125 in your PhonePe wallet for each successful referral. You can quickly transfer your referral earnings to your account within seconds.

App NamePhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge
App Reviews10M
App Rating4.4/5
App Size71 MB
Total Download100M+

#4. Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account

image 4

Upstox is a software platform in India’s capital markets for trading mutual funds and equities. It provides a referral link service, which allows you to earn money by sharing your referring URL with your friends. Upstox is one of the most popular refer and earn apps in India.

Participants in the Upstox referral program get a 200 rupee referral commission. The suggested individual must go through the proper processes and create a trading account to get the funds.

App NameUpstox- Stocks & Demat Account
App Reviews211K
App Rating4.5/5
App Size54 MB
Total Download10M+

#5. IIFL- Demat Ac, Stocks & IPOs

image 5

IIFL Securities is a prominent stockbroker in the Indian Capital Markets. They offer a referral program to incentivize existing customers to promote their services and earn extra money. Users can enjoy free equity delivery trading without brokerage fees. Still, there is a charge of Rs. 20 for other trading activities.

This Refer & Earn app is quite rewarding, with a reward of Rs. 500 for each successful referral. They send you a gift voucher within seven working days, which can be used within 60 days of receiving it. It’s important to note that you only receive the referral reward when the referred person opens a demat account, downloads the app, and starts trading on it.

App NameIIFL- Demat Ac, Stocks & IPOs
App Reviews226K
App Rating4.4/5
App Size64 MB
Total Download5M+

#6. 5paisa: Share Market, MF & IPO

image 6

5Paisa is a brokerage business that costs a fixed price regardless of the product, size, or trading venue. There are no account opening fees. However, each successful mutual fund order investment costs 10 rupees. They feature a fantastic referral program in which you can earn up to 500 rupees for each referral and a lifetime brokerage fee of up to 40%.

A Demat account, which enables traders to trade stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and MCX commodities, is one of the benefits of the 5Paisa platform.

App Name5paisa: Share Market, MF & IPO
App Reviews502K
App Rating4.3/5
App Size57 MB
Total Download10M+

#7. CreditMantri

image 7

CreditMantri not only provides a reward of Rs. 100 Paytm cash for three successful referrals also helps users check and improve their credit scores. This Refer And Earning app assists users in finding eligible loan amounts and suitable lenders. Users can compare loan details from different providers and choose the one offering the lowest interest rate.

There is no limit to the number of invites you can send, offering excellent earning potential. Signing up is easy—enter your mobile number, verify it with OTP, fill in your details, and you’re ready to start referring friends and earning money.

App NameCreditMantri
App Reviews37.8K
App Rating4.0/5
App Size28 MB
Total Download1M+

#8. My11Circle Lite Fantasy App

image 8

My11Circle is an excellent fantasy sports game that allows you to play rummy, football, cricket, and carrom. If you like fantasy sports, you’ve probably heard of this game. My11Circle automatically credits your account with 551 rupees.

Unlike other fantasy applications that give referral incentives, My11Circle lets you withdraw your winnings to your bank account anytime, making it a better program. It is one of the top refer and earn apps in India.

App NameMy11Circle Lite Fantasy App
App Reviews10.2K
App Rating4.3/5
App Size33MB
Total Download5M+

#9. EarnEasy : Earn Cash in 24 hrs

image 9

EarnEasy is regarded as one of the top Best Refer And Earn Apps In India owing to the variety of activities available to users. The program provides basic and uncomplicated projects that allow you to make money in your leisure time. You may earn Rs 15 for each successful recommendation via their referral program.

There is no minimum withdrawal requirement with EarnEasy, and you may withdraw your profits to a bank account, Paytm wallet, or UPI account. To participate in their referral program, you must first download the EarnEasy app and create an account by entering your phone number, name, and email address.

App NameEarnEasy : Earn Cash in 24 hrs
App Reviews45.8K
App Rating4.1/5
App Size10 MB
Total Download5M+

#10. Kuberjee Gramin Earning App

image 10

Kuberjee Gramin Earning App is not just a refer-and-earn app; it offers cashback for bill payments, mobile recharge, and more. Cubber is a versatile online payment app allowing users to shop, book bus tickets, and pay for various services.

To use this app, download the app, enter your details, such as mobile number, name, password, email address, and referral code, and create an account. You can then start referring your friends and earn up to Rs. 50 per referral.

App NameKuberjee Gramin Earning App
App Reviews20K
App Rating3.9/5
App Size28 MB
Total Download1M+

#11. MobiKwik- UPI, Bills, PayLater

image 11

MobiKwik is one of the best Refer And Earn Apps that enable users to do various activities such as online money transfers, bill payments, and investments in digital gold, the stock market, and mutual funds. They just launched a refer and earn program where customers may earn Rs. 50 as a registration incentive and Rs. 20 per referral when their referrals begin bringing friends.

Furthermore, if you invite friends to transfer their MobiKwik money to their bank, you will get Rs 100 in your wallet. This refers and earn app has a maximum earning limit of Rs. 1500. Download the app on your phone, establish an account using your cell number, connect your bank account, and set up your UPI pin to begin using it and collecting rewards.

App NameMobiKwik- UPI, Bills, PayLater
App Reviews2.03M
App Rating4.3/5
App Size33 MB
Total Download50M+

#12. Groww: Stocks & Mutual Fund

image 12

Groww is a mutual fund software that lets you build a free Demat account and trade BSE and NSE-listed equities in the stock market for cheap brokerage costs. You may use this refer & earning app to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, and digital gold. Opening a Demat account with Groww is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Groww will pay you Rs. One hundred for each new referral who joins using your link and activates their stocks account. The referral money is transferred immediately into both of your Groww accounts. If you do not transact, the referral money will be paid to your associated bank account within a few days.

App NameGroww: Stocks & Mutual Fund
App Reviews928K
App Rating4.4/5
App Size62 MB
Total Download10M+

#13. mCent Browser – Recharge Brows

image 13

mCent Browser is comparable to conventional browsers like as Google Chrome and Firefox. Still, it has the unique function of delivering free talk time, data recharge up to Rs. 199, and payment for postpaid plans.
You may earn prizes by creating a new account and using this browser to access websites, read news, and do queries in the search box.

These activities earn points that may be turned into cash. The more points you accumulate, the more money you may make. When someone installs the app and creates their account using your link, you may get an invitation incentive of Rs. 40 for each referral. You may use the points for mobile recharges, postpaid plan payments, and renewals.

App NamemCent Browser – Recharge Brows
App Reviews725K
App Rating2.8/5
App Size34MB
Total Download10M+

#14. Kite by Zerodha

image 14

Zerodha is one of the excellent Refer And Earn Apps for people looking to begin their online investing experience. It has a user-friendly UI that is very helpful for beginners. On Zerodha, you may invest in equities, IPOs, F&O, and more. Download the Kite by Zerodha app from the Google Play store and create a Zerodha Demat account.

There is a cost of Rs. 200 to create a Demat account, which climbs to Rs. 400 if you want to open your Demat account offline. You may begin investing online after registering a Demat account with Zerodha. I’ve produced a blog post on Zerodha that walks you through the process of opening a Demat account and starting to invest with Zerodha.

App NameKite by Zerodha
App Reviews319K
App Rating4.2/5
App Size11 MB
Total Download10M+

#15. ySense

image 15

If you want to make money by taking online surveys and introducing friends, ySense is one of the Refer And Earn Apps. It has an excellent referral program for all users. You may earn up to a 30% ySense affiliate commission by introducing ySense to friends who wish to earn money via online surveys.

Your recommended friends may make money on ySense by doing paid surveys and completing cash offers. You will get a 20% commission on any earnings they make. If you regularly produce strong results, your commission per referral might rise by up to 30%. ySense Survey is an excellent refer and earn website for all users. Simply join the ySense Survey affiliate program and get your profits through PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

App NameySense
App Reviews3.68K
App Rating2.8/5
App Size18 MB
Total Download1M+

#16. Vision11

image 16

You may have never heard of the Vision11 app. It is a fantasy cricket program that allows you to play fantasy sports such as cricket, football, basketball, baseball, handball, and others. Users may use the app to play these fantasy games and win money. There are also refer and earn deals that enable you to earn money. For each new referral, you typically earn a 100 bonus.

However, the new referral strategy allows you to earn 20% of your friend’s investment. This implies that putting Rs. 100 into your friend’s Vision11 wallet will give you Rs. 20 in your Vision11 winning sum. The minimum withdrawal amount on this app is 100, and you may withdraw your winnings quickly to your Paytm App or bank account.

App NameVision11
App Reviews881
App Rating1.9/5
App Size75.3 MB
App PriceFREE

#17. Keyword Tool Pro – SEO Tools

image 17

ProSeoTools is one of the best Refer And Earn Apps. Simply register on the ProSeoTools app, and then share your referral link with your friends and network. This app may be used for keyword research, site analysis, backlink checking, and other purposes.

In a month, you will receive a 20% commission on 1-10 sales, a 30% referral commission on 11-20, and a 40% commission on 21+ sales. Your referral commission may be withdrawn to Paytm, a bank account, PayPal, or your UPI ID. The top refer and earn websites in India are SeoToolAdda and ProSeoTools.

App NameKeyword Tool Pro – SEO Tools
App Reviews23
App Rating3.0/5
App Size5 MB
Total Download1K+

#18. ZET: Become Financial Advisor

image 18

ZET is one of India’s top Refer And Earn Apps, enabling you to earn endless money just by suggesting the app. They give each user a unique discount code; when they use your coupon code, you receive a percentage of the sale.

There is no membership charge, and the earning potential is limitless. OneCode is affiliated with several well-known companies, including Dineout, Bewakoof, Mydreamstore, and others. You may earn roughly Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 in Paytm cash by suggesting services or items to your friends, which is deposited into your account as soon as you earn it.

App NameZET: Become Financial Advisor
App Reviews13.4K
App Rating4.3/5
App Size41 MB
Total Download1M+

#19. Big Cash

image 19

BigCash is a gambling software that charges players Rs 10 to play games. It is a popular app for pretend games and is one of the top refer and earn applications. Playing games on BigCash has the potential to pay out handsomely. You may also make money via their referral program, which pays Rs 15 for each referral.

To get started with BigCash, download the app, sign up with Facebook for a Rs 10 incentive, then input your phone number on the following screen to receive an extra Rs 10 on Paytm. You may also withdraw funds from your Paytm Wallet.

App NameBig Cash
App Reviews702
App Rating3.7/5
App Size295.1 MB
App PriceFree

#20. BatBall11 – Fantasy Sports

image 20

Batball11 is another fantasy cricket game in which you may win real money. It provides several fantasy game levels with intriguing offers and unique features for fantasy sports participation. You will get 50 rupees in your wallet as a welcome gift when you join. You may also earn money by introducing your loved ones and friends to our app.

You and the recommended user get 50 rupees when they download the app and make a minimum deposit of 20 rupees, which makes Batball11 so popular. This Refer and Earn App in India also allows for Paytm and bank withdrawals.

App NameBatBall11 – Fantasy Sports
App PriceFREE
App Rating3.0/5
App Size128.5 MB
Total Download100K+

FAQs About Refer And Earn Apps

Which app is best for refer and earn?

Several great apps exist for refer and earn, but some popular options include Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe.

How to use refer and earn programs?

To participate in refer and earn programs, you usually need to be a customer of the company or platform running the program. They will provide you with a referral code or link to share with others through social media, messaging apps, or email.

Final Thought – Refer and Earn Apps

The popularity of refer and earn apps as a means to earn rewards and money in India has skyrocketed. These apps present a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the referrer and the referred user. As the demand for refer and earn apps continues to rise, numerous options have emerged in the Indian market.

However, the Referral Apps featured in this article stand out as the best and most trustworthy, as attested by user reviews and ratings. Not only are these apps user-friendly, but they also offer a hassle-free way to earn cash and rewards. Whether you’re seeking cashback on shopping or aiming to earn money through referrals, refer and earn apps in India should undoubtedly be on your radar.

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