Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Admission, Exam Date, Results, Courses

APPMB: Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) is an educational institution that has been given approval by the UGC and was established in Andhra Pradesh in 2018. It is a branch of the public sector. There are numerous colleges under APPMB. Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board Admission Date, Exam Date, Results, and Courses are available here.

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB)

The institution offers a variety of diploma programs. All students can participate in co-education, and they are kept in a secure setting. The promotion of extracurricular activities and the provision of a high-quality education are at the forefront of APPMB efforts to foster student development.

Many institutions are affiliated with APPMB. It was officially recognized as a distinct institution in 2018. It is dispersed over the districts of Andhra Pradesh. The main goal of APPMB is to become a worldwide institution and teach students by delivering education of the highest caliber and by providing all of the necessary facilities.

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) - Admission, Exam Date, Results, Courses

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board Address & Contact Number

Address: GJ79+297, old government hospital, Hanumanpet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520003

Phone: 0866 297 4042

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Affiliated Private Institutes


  1. Anjana Paramedical Training Institute, Srikakulam
  2. Bharat Paramedical Institute, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam
  3. Bollineni Mediskills Paramedical Institution, Ragolu, Srikakulam
  4. Good Health CRA Training Institution,Balaga, Palakonda Road, Srikakulam Dist
  5. Good Health DMLT Training Institution,Balaga, Palakonda Road, Srikakulam Dist.
  6. Medilabs Para Medical Institute, Palakonda Road, Srikakulam
  7. Narayana Pramedical Institute, Palakonda Road, Srikakulam
  8. Rama Prabhu Paramedical College, Srikakulam
  9. Sarojini Naidu MPHA(M) Training Institute, Rajam
  10. Sarvani Paramedical Institution, Srikakulam
  11. Sri Surya Institute of Health Sciences, Srikakulam
  12. St.Marys Lab Technical Institution, Balgathopu, Srikakulam
  13. Umadevi M.P.H.A(M) Assistant Training Institute, Rajam, Srikakulam Dist.


  1. Gayatri Paramedical College, Seethanagaram, Vizianagaram
  2. Institute of Medical Technology & Education, Bobbili, Vizianagaram
  3. Institute of Medical Technology & Education, Gajapathi Nagaram, Vizianagaram
  4. Maharajahs Institute of Medical Sciences, Nellimarla, Vizianagaram
  5. Rama Naidu Master Institute of Health Sciences, S.kota, Vizianagaram
  6. S K Paramedical Institute, Gajapathi Nagaram, Vizianagaram
  7. S.V.P.V Paramedical College, Salipeta, Vizianagaram
  8. Sri Devi Paramedical Training Institute, Vizianagaram
  9. Sri Sai Nursing and Paramedical College, Parvathipuram, Vizainagaram


  1. Beulah Institute of Health Sciences, Gopala Patnam, Visakhapatnam
  2. City paramedical College, Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam Dist.
  3. Doctors charak school of Paramedicl Sciences, New Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam
  4. Doctors steel city Education Society institution, new Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam
  5. Florence Nightingale Paramedical Institutions,Narsipatnm, Visakhapatnam Dist
  6. Lakshmi Prasanna Institute of Health Sciences, RTC X Roads, Paderu, Visakhapatnam Dist
  7. Mother Thersa MPHA(M) Training Institute, Chodavaram, Visakhapatnam Dist
  8. Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital, Vepagunta, Visakhapatnam
  9. Santhi Paramedical Training Institute MPHW(M), Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam Dist
  10. SANTHI School of Lab Technician Training(DMLT) Course, NARSIPATNAM
  12. Siddhartha scool of Nursing and Medical Lab Technology, Visakhapatanam
  13. Vizag Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Visakhapatnam
  14. Visaka Steel General Hospital, Visakhapatnam

East Godavari

  1. Dr. Paul Raj Paramedical Institution, Rajahmundry
  2. G.S.L Paramedical Institute, Rajanagaram, East Godavari
  3. Haritha Paramedical College, Kakinada
  4. Kakinada Institute of Medical Sciences, Kakinada, East Godavri District
  5. Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences, Amalapuram, East Godavari District
  6. Nivya Paramedical College, Rajahamandry, East Godavari
  7. Raghava Institute of Medical Sciences, Kakinada, East Godavari
  8. Raghava Institute of Medical Sciences, Kakinada, East Godavari
  9. Santhi Paramedical Training Institute MPHW(M), Amalapuram, East Godaari Dist
  10. Santhi Paramedical Training Institute, Mummidivaram, East Godaari Dist
  11. Satyam Institute of Medical Lab Technology, Dowlaiswaram, East Godavari
  12. Satyam MPHW (M) training Institute, Dowleswaram, E.G.Dist
  13. Shine MPHW(M) Training Institute, Rajahmundry, East Godavari Dist
  14. Soumya Institute of Medical Lab Technology, RR Road, Kakinada
  15. Sowmya Institute of Medical Imaging Technology, Kakinada(Urban)
  16. Sri Kakatiya Institute of Tech & Sciences, Ravulapalem, East Godavari
  17. Sri Vyshnavi MPHW(M Training Institute, Mandapeta
  18. Sri Kiran Institute of Ophthalmology, Kakinada
  19. St.Theresa Institute of Paramedical Sciences, D.Gannavaram, E.G.Dist
  20. Sujatha Paramedical Training Institute, Malkipuram, E.G.Dist

West Godavari

  1. Alluri Sitarama Raju Academy of Medical Sciences, Eluru, West Godavari
  2. Annapurna Paramedical Technology, Ullamparru, West Godavari
  3. Bharathi M.P.H.W(M) Training Institute, Kovvuru, West Godavari
  4. BNM Institute of Paramedial Sciences, Tanuku, W.G.Dist
  5. Ratna MPHW(M) Training Institute, Koyyalagudem, West Gadavari
  6. Satyam Paramedical Institution, Marteru, West Godavari Dist
  7. Sri Gayatri School of MPHA(M), Jagareddygudem, West Godavari
  8. Sri Jyothi College of Medical Technology, Jangareddygudem, West Godavari Dist
  9. Sri Srinivasa Instituteof Medical Technology, Tanuku, West Godavari
  10. Sri Surya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Nidadavolu, West Godavari
  11. Swarna Bharathi M.P.H.W(M) Training Institute, Narsapuram, West Godavari
  13. Vijaya Nagesh Institute of Medical Sciences, Denduluru, West Godavari


  1. Bharath Institute of Medical Technology, Vijayawada
  2. Global Medical Centre
  3. Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Veternaty Colony, Vijayawada,Krishna(Dt)
  4. Grace Paramedical Training School, Machilipatnam, Krishna(Dt)
  5. Mother Theresa Vocational College , Nandigama, Krishna(Dt)
  6. Dr.Pinnamaneni Siddartha Institute of MS & RF , CHINNAVUTAPALLY
  7. Sri Babu Siddartha Institute of Medical Sciences,16-58,Satyasai Towers,Srinivasa Centre,Nuziveedu,Krishna Dt
  8. Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Technology
  9. St.Johns Institute of Medical Technology, Gudivada, Krishna (Dt)
  10. Tammineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Gannavaram, Krishna Dist
  11. Tammineni Private Paramedical Institute, Gunadala, Vijayawada
  12. Thammineni Institute of Medical Technology, Gunadala, Vijayawada
  13. Usha Institute of Medical Sciences, Vijayawada, Krishna District
  14. Vijay Institute of Medical Sciences College of Medical Lab Technology,Patamata, Vijayawada, Krishna District
  15. Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences, Vijayawada, Krishna(Dt)
  16. Vijayawada college of Med.Tech, VJA


  1. Dr.Akbar Paramedical College, Anantapur
  2. Seeds Institute of Medical Lab Technology, Anantapur
  3. Sri Adi Siva Sadguru Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Guntakal, Anantapur Dist
  4. Sri Bollini Ramanjinappa Memorial MPHA(M) Training Institute, Gunthakal, Ananthapur Dist
  5. Sri C V Ramanappa Memorial MPHW(M) Training Institute, Guntakal, Anantapur
  6. Sri Sai Balaji Institution of Medical Lab Technology, Kamala Nagar, Anantha pur
  7. Sri Srinivasa MPHW (M) Training Institute, Aravinda Nagar, Anantapur.
  8. Sri Ramyasri Opthalmic Assistant Course, Guntakal, Ananthapur Dt.A.P
  9. Sri Srinivasa DMLT Training Institute,Guntakal,Anantapur

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Affiliated Government Institutes

  1. Government Medical College,Ananthapur
  2. S V Medical College,Tirupathi
  3. Rangaraya Medical College,Kakinada
  4. Guntur Medical College,Guntur
  5. RIMS,Kadapa
  6. Siddartha Medical College,Vijayawada
  7. Kurnool Medical College,Kurnool
  8. Andhra Medical College,Visakhapatnam

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Courses

The numerous courses offered at APPMB are also offered at the numerous institutions connected with the APPMB. Students have several choices that are listed below.

  1. Diploma in Medical Lab Technician – 2-Years
  2. Diploma in Optometry Technician – 2-Years
  3. Diploma in Hospital Food service Management Technician – 2-Years
  4. Diploma in Multi Purpose Health Assistant(Male) – 2-Years
  5. Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant – 2-Years
  6. Diploma in Audio-metry Technician – 2-Years 
  7. Diploma in Radio Therapy Technician-  2-Years 
  8. Diploma in Perfusion Technician – 2-Years
  9. Diploma Dialysis Technician – 2-Years
  10. Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician – 2-Years
  11. Diploma in Respiratory Therapy Technician – 2-Years 
  12. Diploma in Medical Sterilization Management & Operation Theatre Technician – 2-Years
  13. Diploma Anesthesia Technician – 2-Years
  14. Diploma in Cathlab Technician – 2-Years
  15. Diploma in Radiographic Assistant – 2-Years
  16. Diploma in Dark Room Assistant – 2-Years
  17. Diploma in ECG Technician – 2-Years
  18. Diploma in Cardiology Technician – 2-Years

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) Admissions

Students wishing to enroll in a APPMB should review the course eligibility requirements. Before completing the application form, please verify the seat availability per category. Students must fill out the form with accurate information. If the authorities subsequently discover a discrepancy, your application will be refused.

On-site admission forms are available. To begin, look for the Admissions tab. The students must then choose courses based on their preferences and eligibility. Payment for the entry charge may be paid using any means, including Net banking or a debit/credit card. 

How To Fill Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board Application Form?

  1. Completed application forms must be sent to the relevant institution.
  2. The students must complete the application in English in his or her handwriting.
  3. After applying, students cannot modify their social status, local candidature, etc.
  4. Applications without the necessary certifications and incomplete entries will be automatically and silently denied.
  5. If the students wish to stop studying and get the original credentials provided at enrollment, the cost must be paid for the course duration.

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Exam Date

The APPMB will publish official exam dates for the available courses. If you want to check the correct exam dates, then you must visit APPMB’s portal. Keep in touch to acquire the most recent information on the exam date and result for APPMB Exam. 

Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board (APPMB) – Result

By going to the APPMB official website, you can see the Andhra Pradesh ParaMedical Board results. To avoid any misunderstandings in the near or distant future, it is the responsibility of the students to verify the correctness of the data contained in the result.

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